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Dedicated to the music composition and production for media, Rainfall is an up-and-coming music production house led by composers Jan Fité Piguillem and Christos Kiourtidis.

They first met while studying at the Royal College of Music in London and soon realized that they shared a similar vision about art leading them to team up and start carving their own artistic path.


Rainfall's first artistic release came with the conceptual album Skywards in mid 2017, an album influenced by the videogame music culture featuring a blend of organic and synthesized sound textures. The duo is currently working on the PS4 videogame Echoes VR, by Rogue Titan Games, scheduled to be released in erly 2020.


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Our work



When it comes to life and art, we as humans, choosing to work together and sharing our ideas and dreams, can expose ourselves to incredible new opportunities, uncharted emotions and make us fly even further. This is our starting point, the basis of our collaboration as creators in Rainfall and most importantly, as thoughtful individuals.

Approaching every project as a unique and a exciting experience, we embrace the opportunity to discover the way in which our music can augment and fulfil its artistic experience.


We feel comfortable with the idea of crafting our own sonic environment and stretching our music boundaries even further. Thrilled to give a unique weight to each individual sound and driven by our inquisitive nature, we choose to collide organic and synthesized sonic material, blur the line between melodies and textures and shape a unique hybrid palette.

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